The Beach Walk

There is nothing better to do in a beautiful spring afternoon than a calm walk on the Cascais beach walk.

The sun, lights our minds, the sounds of the ocean broadens our thoughts, the sight of the blue cristal water inspires and the walk motivates us to get to the next beach and get blown away once again.

This is where to find a local from Cascais on a sunny weekend. Let the sun come out and all locals head to the beach to reenergize and catch these rays of sun the charge our batteries for one more week.

We in cascais can truly say that most of what we do revolves around the beach. The Surf session in the morning, the Stand up Paddles on the late afternoon to see the sunset on the middle of the Cascais Bay, the beach bars and sea view restaurants, or simple let our feet sink in the warm sand for a moment of calmness on the beach.

This is us… this is Cascais!

Is it possível not to fall in love with these views?


Do these Skies only inspire me?

Yes, I am a true lover of the place we live.

The amazing beaches, the amazing sea food, the inspiring blue skies and all this you can find on the Cascais Beach Walk.

Praia da Rainha:

Start by visiting the Praia da Rainha… Small but it’s Beauty will hit you as soon as you get a glimpse from above. The color contrast of the blue ocean and the rocks will blow you away, and this is just the start…. Stay for a while, go for a swim, but be prepared for more beautiful beaches while you continue your walk.



Praia da Duquesa:

Continue to move on when you are prepared and you’ll soon get to Praia da Duquesa.


Here if you have time and guts, rent a Stand Up Paddle board and hit the ocean. Experience the view from the ocean, be amazed with the clear water and marine life below you as you paddle along.

This is one of my favorite moments alone or with my family or friends. It’s amazing to paddle your board, just you, the ocean and this beautiful views.

Head out to your left and pass the first rock and see praia da rainha from the sea… wow is what will be in your head.

Continue to paddle towards the Bay of Cascais, pass the peer and pass by the fishing boats, stop on the beach bay and rest a bit, admire the view from there. The tourists, the people on the Beach, the fishermen getting ready to hit the sea. Its a fantastic experience I guarantee.

Where to get a quick bite:

After a this amazing experience of Stand up Paddling along Cascais beaches, you’ll sure get hungry. Nothing better than a pizza on the Bar da Praia Restaurante followed by a cool Sangria. The perfect pairing to regain strenght and continue your walk on the Cascais beach walk.

Cascais Natural Pools:

Right after you pass the corner, you’ll find one of Cascais Natural pools. This is the smaller one as you’ll find a bigger one just getting to Estoril.

Today I will keep this here, but will expand this theme on future posts… wait for it 😉

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